How to import a Template Kit

First, You need to install the Template Kit Importer plugin to be able to import templates that have been downloaded from Envato. You can download the plugin from the following link

Activate the plugin, then go to Tools > Template Kit, upload the Template Kit Zip file

Please follow the instructions on the screen, complete everything needed before importing the template.

We recommend using the “Hello Elementor” WordPress theme as informed in the Missing Requirements popup.

Import the templates you need one by one. 


  • Avoid clicking too many at once. Your browser can typically only handle up to 3-4 at a time.
  • Import Global Kit Styles first, followed by any other Global templates for best results. 

All templates will be imported into Templates > Saved Templates

How to import Header and Footer

The imported templates are automatically categorized by Elementor in the Page or Section type. But not all categorization is appropriate, you need to adjust it to fit it when used. One type of Section that needs to be adjusted is a template built using ElementsKit. The simple way to import Header and Footer templates is directly through the ElementsKit menu.

Add a template title, then set it as Header or Footer, then activate the template, and then click Edit content

Then click the Add template button

Then open the My Templates tab, click Insert the appropriate form template

A popup notification will appear, click Yes if you want to import document settings of the template.

Click the Update button, the form template should be successfully imported.